Useful Cookie Baking Tips

Posted in on the 6th June, 2013

Cookie Baking tipsBaking cookies is something that takes a bit of experience before you can master it. It is easy to make mistakes when you bake cookies the first time. But eventually you get the expected results that you wish at the succeeding baking opportunities that you have. You also get to learn many lessons and tips along the way that will further help you improve on your cookie baking tasks. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind.

Read recipes first before you start.

In order to make the best cookies, it is important that you read and understand the ingredients and instructions that recipe provides. Read the recipe carefully and make sure that you have the ingredients and the necessary tools ready. It can be quite frustrating to start preparing the cookie only realizing later on that you forgot an important ingredient or do not have the necessary tool available to make the cookies. You might end up not finishing the task or with poorly made cookies later.

Always pre-heat your oven before baking.

Many cookie recipes make it a point to add in the instruction of pre-heating your oven. Pre-heating makes the oven ready to take in the prepared cookies for baking. Not doing so can have a drastic effect on the cooking time of the cookies. You might end up not getting the cookies baked just right.

Take care when mixing your dough.

When it comes to mixing your dough, try to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Over mixing can result in a tough dough. Try to make sure that you mix it just right. It may also depend on how you want your cookies to come out. Mix them carefully when you want an even cookie dough. You can also consider not mixing it thoroughly if you wish to get that marble effect in your cookies for baking.

Check up on your cookies often as you bake them.

You might trust the recipe you followed when you bake your cookies. But it will not harm to check up upon them even before the minimum time given. This will help make sure that you cook the cookies right. As a rule, try to check them a couple of minutes before the minimum baking time stated in the recipe. This is just to make sure that the cookies do not end up overdone.