Making Rolled Cookies

Posted in on the 24th February, 2013

Rolled cookies are those types of cookies that are made using a cookie cutter to create different cookie designs. They can also be cut into desired shapes before baking such as Gingerbread men. Rolled cookies require a stiffer type of cookie dough when prepared. This enables cooks to roll them flat into the table before cutting them or using a cookie cutter to create the desired shapes.

Rolled cookiesA simple recipe for rolled cookies include the basic ingredients such as flour, butter, eggs, salt, vanilla, baking powder and sugar. The basic measurements usually are those followed for making a simple sugar cookie. For variety, you can add in other ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger for some extra flavor. The cookies can also be decorated with powdered or colored sugar, icing, glaze, jam or others that would make your fancy. But the basic steps lie on preparing the dough carefully.

Once you have mixed in all the ingredients for the cookie dough and have done it thoroughly, the next thing is to prepare the dough for cutting. Roll out the dough flat onto a table using a rolling pin. You can then roll the stiff dough carefully and flatten it to a desired thickness. A good tip to avoid having sticky dough to work with is to chill it first in the refrigerator. If you have a large batch of cookie dough to work with, then try to remove only enough dough to work with at a time. Using a mesh-covered rolling pin also works better in rolling out sticky dough.

Once the dough has been rolled out flat into its desired thickness, make use of a cookie cutter in order to cut out the desired shapes and patterns. You can also make use of a knife to cut out a more unique shape that you want to create. Just try to make sure that you cut it carefully. Once you have finished cutting the cookies out of the rolled dough, try to collect the trimmings left behind. You can still add it into the main dough or re-roll them so that you have more cookies to cut. Make sure that you re-roll them immediately to prevent the dough from becoming tough.