Cookie Troubleshooting Tips

Posted in on the 3rd June, 2013

Cookie Troubleshooting TipsWhen it comes to making cookies, there are certain things that need to come together in order for the cookies to become perfect. If you do not follow the right instructions and put in the right amount of ingredients, then you might come out with cookies that are not what you expected. In cases when you come out with cookies that come with characteristics that you did not expect, then you might need to determine where you went wrong and correct them. But then again, you might need to know where you might have possibly made the mistake. Here are some cookie troubleshooting tips that you should know about the next time you bake that next batch of cookies.

Cookies Too Hard

There are many factors that will lead to having cookies that end up too hard. The cookies may have been baked for too long in the oven. They might have been baked in the oven with the temperature too low than advised. Cookies that come out too hard may also be caused by having too much flour or not putting enough shortening or liquid into the dough during processing.

Cookies Too Crumbly

If the cookies you baked came out brittle or crumbly, then it may be one of several things. You may have put in too much sugar. It can also be a result of too much leavening or shortening. One way to resolve this problem is by adding more eggs to the cookie mixture.

Cookies Spread Too Much

It often occurs that some batches of cookie dough may be spreading too much. This means that when you try to shape a cookie on the baking pan, it tends not to form into the ideal cookies but instead fail to retain the ideal shape. One cause of too much spreading is too much sugar, leavening or shortening when preparing the cookie dough. It may also be due to a too low temperature when the cookies were baked. One way to remedy this problem is by chilling your cookie dough before you try to form it. You can also try to add a little more flour to the dough.

Cookies Don’t Spread

When your cookies do not spread to the desired form, one reason may be is that it may not have enough sugar, leavening or shortening. Another cause may be is that the oven is set at too high a temperature for baking. In order to resolve this, try to add some grease into the pan or try to lower the baking temperature of the oven before putting in the cookies.


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