Cookie Freezing Tips

Posted in on the 15th June, 2013

Cookie Freezing TipsIt is not uncommon to freeze cookie dough before you bake them. It is one way of trying to make many cookie batches in one go and then baking it later. Freezing cookie dough saves time in that it allows people to mix up the dough in only one day and prepare batches upon batches for later baking. But there are some tips on how to freeze the cookies properly. Here are some of them.

With cookie dough good enough to keep for up to six weeks in the freezer, it is important to make sure that it stays the way that it should be when it remains inside the freezer. Sometimes other foodstuffs may affect the quality of the cookie dough. It is important to avoid putting them together. Foodstuffs can sometimes leave an odor that the cookie dough can absorb. It is important to keep strong smelling items such as fish and other similar stuff separate from the freezer where the cookie dough is also stored.

In order to make sure that the cookie dough does not absorb the odors, try to wrap the dough securely with plastic wrap. Create batches of the dough into logs and then wrap the up twice with plastic wrap to make sure that it is airtight and no funny odor can seep in.

Another thing to prevent when freezing your cookie dough is a thing called freezer burn. Freezer burn is an effect where food items become damaged as a result of dehydration and oxidation. It causes discoloration of the affected food. In the case of cookie dough, freezer burn can cause parts of the dough to turn dry and cause some discoloration. This is usually a result of oxygen reacting to the cookie dough while it is frozen.

One way to avoid freezer burn is by making sure that your wrap is airtight. If air gets into your dough while it is in the freezer, it can oxidize can cause freezer burn. If you may use of a zip wrap for sealing in your cookie dough try to remove the oxygen out as much as possible before closing. You can do this be leaving a 1/4 inch gap in the corner of the zip wrap before closing. Insert a straw and then such out all the excess air inside the bag. Remove the straw and then zip it tightly to close. This will ensure that your cookie dough is tightly sealed. This can help prevent freezer burn.


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